Modbus Slave

INUX Modbus Slave is a cross-platform Modbus slave simulation software. The application allows multiple slaves with different data register definitions to be simulated on a single PC. An ideal tool for testing and diagnostics.


  • Modbus features
    • Modbus TCP
    • Modbus RTU using serial port communication
    • Discrete inputs, coils, input registers and holding registers
    • Booleans, signed and unsigned integers, long integers, single and double precision floats
    • Inverse registers (word-swapping)
  • General features
    • Graphical user interface
    • Communication monitor
    • Decimal, hexadecimal and binary display formats
    • Saving and loading of individual slaves or entires workspaces
    • Embedded online help
    • Runs under Windows and Linux
Modbus Slave

Evaluation version

A time limited (5 minutes) evaluation version is available for free. Please fill in name and email address below and the download links will be provided for Windows and Linux versions by email. Note that Modbus Slave requires Java run-time environment (see external resources in the right column.)

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Limited offer! Now available for $55 plus tax!

An unlimited single user license is available for $55 plus tax. To order a license please fill in user and company name below, then press the "Buy Now" button and follow the instructions. A software license key will be provided by email after succesful completion.

User name

inbyggda system embedded

Mobile phone applications

  • Modbus Master Pro
    INUX Modbus Master Pro is an application for Android-powered smartphones that enables Modbus communication with Modbus slave devices.
  • Thermal Resistance Calculator
    INUX Thermal Resistance Calculator is a free application for Android-powered smartphones that determines electrical resistance or temperature based on the characteristics of different types of sensor elements.

External resources