The HWIO-Gateway device server enable host control systems to communicate with Honeywell/INUcontrol digital and analog serial (RS485) I/O modules using ModBus. The device supports both serial and TCP/IP communication, hence allowing utilization of current investments in networking, and permiting greater freedom in placement of the controller and I/O modules.

Main features

  • ModBus RTU/TCP.
  • Supports up to 16 Honeywell/INUcontrol digital and analog I/O modules revision 1.x/2.x.
  • Automatic identification and configuration of attached I/O modules.
  • Extensive support of different ModBus registers and functions for maximum compatibility.
  • Easy diagnostics using built-in web server.


Data sheet
Communication cable INUX-K-HWIO-I-xxx 2009-06-11
Communication cable INUX-K-HWIO-K-xxx 2009-06-11


HWIO-Gateway user manual (swedish) 2015-12-10
HWIO-Gateway user manual (english) 2010-01-12
HWIO-Gateway marketing sheet 2013-03-13
HWIO-Gateway connection instructions 2010-12-01
NPort 5200 series datasheet 2009-08-25
inbyggda system embedded INUX I/O-Gateway

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