INUX I/O-Gateway is a product family of ModBus based communication devices (device servers) to enable communication with some of the digital and analog I/O modules on the market.

    modbus i/o-gateway inux


    The HWIO-Gateway device servers enable host control systems to communicate with Honeywell/INUcontrol digital and analog I/O modules using ModBus. This gateway may for instance be used in cases where it is desirable to utilize existing Honeywell/INU I/O boards, but need to upgrade the controller type. Read more »


    The FXIO-Gateway device servers enable host control, running ModBus/TCP on ethernet networks, to communicate with Fidelix digital and analog I/O-modules. Read more »


    Modbus Bridge

    Modbus Bridge provides a transparent Modbus master-to-master bridge function. It allows transfering of values between two Modbus masters by acting as an intermediate data storage device for up to 2000 values. Read more »


    Modbus Slave

    Modbus Slave is a cross-platform Modbus slave simulation software. Read more »

inbyggda system embedded INUX I/O-Gateway

Mobile phone applications

  • Thermocouples Calculator Pro
    Thermocouples Calculator Pro is an application for Android-powered smartphones that determines thermocouple electromotive force (voltage) and temperature for the eight letter-designated standard thermocouple types.
  • Thermal Resistance Calculator
    INUX Thermal Resistance Calculator is a free application for Android-powered smartphones that determines electrical resistance or temperature based on the characteristics of different types of sensor elements.
  • Modbus Master Pro
    INUX Modbus Master Pro is an application for Android-powered smartphones that enables Modbus communication with Modbus slave devices.
More information is available on our app development page »